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Since I’m in the process of redesigning and adding new features to Timint, I wanted to share with you a helpful series of article about color theory on smashing magazine

Color theory – part 1
Color theory – part 2
Color theory – part 3

It’s great if you’re looking for pro tips on choosing colors for your website.

PS: new version of Timint should be live in a few weeks


Here is a minimal tutorial and yet at the end you’ll have a fully functional ruby on rails stack. I did it on Linux Mint but it also works on Ubuntu 9.10.

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Like some Ubuntu users I had a problem with grub and wubi after the recent update. While it can be fixed, I thought it would be a good opportunity to try the new Linux Mint 8 codename “Helena”.

So here is a straightforward tutorial for installing Linux Mint 8 (by the way I’ve wrote it while installing it).

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Setting up a good development environment is one of the little things that can make a big difference in the long run.

Recently, I’ve switched from Mac OS to Windows and therefore needed to explore different setups. Moreover it’s always good to make an overview from time to time.

So let’s start with the Mac.

Mac OS

I’ve worked with this environment for a few years and let’s be clear, the combo Mac OS + TextMate + Terminal is my personal favourite.

But when you don’t have a Mac, there are other cool alternatives. Let’s see what can be done with other OSes: windows 7 or Ubuntu 9.10.

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Less css logo

For some days already, I’ve been trying Less for writing the stylesheets. Less is very impressive, it can be a great tool for reducing the number of lines and complexity of some styling.

Better than words, you can find code samples on their site.

One can also try Sass wich has a different approach.

When you’ve found your project idea, choosing right away a name is a good thing.

Often, at this moment everything is clear. You know what your site should be, what it should do and how you would call it. Use this moment to choose a name.

A small check-list before buying it:

  • is it short? 10 letters max is good
  • is it easy to pronounce or write for your target audience?
  • is it available? use (trustable*) registrar’s domain search
  • have you googled it? you might have surprises

If everything’s ok, good, buy it.

If not, start the process again while you’re in a clear state of mind.

But don’t worry too much, domain name is only part of the success of a website. Concentrate on the content and usefulness.

Nowadays, there’s many way to host an Ruby on Rails app. Usually, they are hosted on VPS meaning you have to do the work of setting up the system and maintaining it.

Though for small apps, you can start with shared hosting. Here’s a short list of ruby on rails web hosts I’ve stumbled upon: